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Welcome to my blog, where I share thoughts on various topics that I have varying levels of expertise in. I started this blog because it was a requirement for MIT Massive (which also spurred me to make a personal website in the first place), so many of the posts are related to education. Now that the class is over, I’ve branched out a bit in terms of content matter. I’ve written some posts on:

You can also see snippets of my most recent posts below.

Recent posts:

  • Debunking the Eco-Cooler (12/5/2016) - A few months ago, a video was forwarded to me about an air-conditioning unit being developed for developing countries which didn’t require electricity, dubbed the “Eco-Cooler.” It’s not clear to me exactly who or what is behind the idea: the “official” website gives little confidence that it is a serious project, and the videos, while … Continue reading "Debunking the Eco-Cooler"
  • Rocket League Halloween Costumes (11/7/2016) - This Halloween my girlfriend Jaimie and I dressed up as Rocket League cars. She doesn’t play, but I was set on the costume and she wanted her costume to match mine: We made them ourselves, so ideally I would’ve thoroughly documented the process, but we were a bit rushed for time, since we just worked … Continue reading "Rocket League Halloween Costumes"
  • “Debunking” Salt Cases (9/10/2016) - Seeing something related to your field of study out in the “real world” can be a mixed experience. On one hand, it’s nice to have evidence that the topics you think about more than 99.9% of peopleĀ (it would probably still be accurate with more 9s, but I’ll be conservative here) are important in contexts other … Continue reading "“Debunking” Salt Cases"

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